Business News

Business news covers a broad spectrum of topics related to the economy, markets and businesses. It can include news about companies and their performance, new products or services, economic trends, stock market updates, mergers and acquisitions, management changes, government regulations and global trade. It can be published in a variety of formats, including written articles, blogs, podcasts, videos and television broadcasts. Business news is a crucial source of information for businessmen, investors and consumers alike.

Business News Daily is a leading online publication featuring breaking business news, expert analysis and original content covering the world’s fastest-growing industries. Our team of business journalists brings decades of experience reporting on and analyzing the business world, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, big corporations, and major events across the globe.

We cover business news from a global perspective, providing insight into how business events affect economies around the world and what these events mean for investors, businesses and everyday people. Our mission is to empower readers with the knowledge and tools to make better informed decisions in a rapidly changing business environment.

The FT’s acclaimed journalism is held in high regard globally, both for the quality of its writing and for its long history of supporting investigative journalism. This ethos was first established by Daniel Defoe in his novel Robinson Crusoe, and it was carried on by the famous muckraking journalist Ida Tarbell when she exposed the Standard Oil Co. in 1902.

Our mission is to deliver the most trusted and authoritative source of independent business news and opinion to our global audience. We aim to be the first place our readers go for all their business needs, from a complete range of news and comment, to analysis of key trends and data, and practical advice on how to improve their own business performance.

In addition to our flagship FT and Financial Times newspapers, we publish specialist titles focused on specific sectors of the business world. These include The Banker, The Lawyer and The Engineer, as well as industry-specific newsletters and websites. We also host a number of conferences and events for business leaders, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to mid-career professionals looking to accelerate into senior leadership roles.

This guide has been compiled by specialist librarians in business reference at the Library of Congress. It includes major national and international business news sources, as well as print and microform business resources available through the Newspaper and Current Periodicals Room and elsewhere in the Library. For additional help with your research, please contact Ask-A-Librarian or search the Library Catalog.