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business news

Business news is the news related to the economic, financial and commercial activities that take place in a society. It is also the name given to the part of journalism that covers these activities and changes. Most newspapers, magazines and radio-news programs have a business segment. There are also dedicated business news channels on television and online.

A company is said to be in business when it produces and sells goods or services. The main objective of a business is to make a profit on the money invested in it by its owners or shareholders. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including cost-effective production, sales and marketing. A business can be small or large, operating in a single industry or many industries. It can be privately owned, as in the case of a family-owned business, or publicly traded, as in the case of a corporation listed on a stock exchange.

Some businesses are not-for-profit and invest all profits in achieving stated goals or improving infrastructure. Others, such as government-owned enterprises or state-owned companies, are public utilities or service providers. Most businesses, however, are private and for-profit, selling their products or services to customers or other businesses. Some businesses may be multi-national, combining operations in different countries to lower costs or increase market share.

The word ‘business’ comes from the Latin term “busi”. It means busy, and was used to describe a person who was always working and never rested. The first recorded use of the phrase in English was around 1640, to describe a person busy with affairs of state or church.

Business news articles cover a wide range of topics, and are often divided into categories based on the type of business they discuss. The most common categories are finance, health care, technology and transportation. Business news is a major source of information for investors, as well as consumers of goods and services. The most important information contained in these articles is the earnings reports, which are released by companies quarterly or annually and give insight into a company’s profitability.

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