Business News

Business news is a type of journalism that tracks, records and reports on commercial and economic activities, trends, changes and other developments. This type of news is usually published in newspapers, magazines and radio-news shows. It also may appear in television programs that focus on current events and issues affecting the world of commerce. Some of these news stories may be detailed and in-depth while others are more general and broad in scope.

A business is an organization that produces or sells goods or provides a service in exchange for payment. These organizations may be privately owned or publicly traded companies. A business’ primary purpose is to make a profit through the sale of its products or services. However, an organization does not necessarily need to make a profit in order to be considered a business. It is the pursuit of profits that defines a business and what makes it distinct from other types of organizations.

Some of the most popular businesses include retailers like Amazon and Walmart, technology giants like Google and Apple, and logistics companies such as Wincanton and XPO. These companies offer a wide variety of products and services to consumers and businesses alike. These businesses may offer their products or services online, in stores or through catalogs. Many businesses also offer their goods or services through a network of franchise locations.

Business journalism is an important part of our democracy, as it allows people to stay informed about their communities and the economies around them. This information is crucial in making decisions about where to spend their money and what kinds of investments to make. It can also help citizens understand how their government works and why certain policies are implemented.

While most general news sources will cover business news, you can find specific industry-focused publications that are dedicated to reporting on business issues and trends. These resources may be available through your local library or you can contact a librarian at the Library of Congress to ask questions. You can also visit the Research in Print and Microforms guide to identify print and microform business news sources. The guide includes tips on how to use specialized search strategies for finding international and regional business news resources. You can also request a research consultation with a librarian via Ask-A-Librarian.