Business News Sources

A business is any entity that produces and sells goods or provides a service. A business may also be an organization that seeks profit, whether it succeeds or fails in its attempts. While many businesses make a profit, profits are not the only measure of a business. The term “business” is often used to refer to the success or failure of a company, while the term “small business” generally refers to a smaller-scale version of a larger corporation.

The business news is the part of journalism that covers the commercial activities and changes that take place in societies and economies. This area of journalism focuses on the economy, commerce and industry and is found in newspapers, magazines, radio and television news programs. Business news can be very broad in scope and may cover global events that impact the economy or specific industries. Most general newspaper and magazine articles include some type of business news. In addition, there are specialized business publications that focus on specific industries or offer news that impacts the industry at large.

This guide offers a selection of online sources that provide business news, including global news, market data and analysis, and IPO news. Also included are news aggregators that gather and analyze business news, as well as websites offering investment information, financial advice, and other resources for small businesses. While most general news sources provide some international business news, you may need to adopt more targeted search strategies to find international news coverage in particular.

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