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business news

A business is any kind of commercial, industrial or professional enterprise that is engaged in the buying and selling of products or services. It may be an individual or it can be a legal entity such as a company, partnership, or trust. The goal of business is to create a profit by the creation and sale of goods or services. A business can also be a non-profit organization that supports a cause or a charitable endeavor. Businesses can range in size from small sole proprietorships to large multinational corporations.

Business news is a type of journalism that covers business-related events and topics. It includes economic and financial news, as well as articles on business strategy, management, leadership, human resources, entrepreneurship and other subjects related to the operation of businesses. Business news is most often published in newspapers, magazines and on television and radio. It can also be found on websites dedicated to business news, or in specialty publications that focus on particular aspects of the economy.

The origins of business journalism can be traced to the early 1700s, when Daniel Defoe–the author of Robinson Crusoe–began publishing business and economic news. During the 19th century, Charles Dow and Edward Jones began a wire service that delivered stock market information to investment houses along Wall Street. In the 1990s, the business section of the newspaper became more prominent, and famous muckraking journalists such as Ida Tarbell helped spur greater interest in the subject.

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