Business Services in Chicago – A Gold Mine for Small Business Creation and Development

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Most people would be hard pressed to name one small business, let alone several thousand. That’s why the triumphedral is best exemplified by the dozens of tiny startups popping up daily in metropolises from coast to coast. It’s also why a smart entrepreneur would choose to domicile in such a bustling city as Chicago. Fortunately for the lucky few, this cosmopolitan city is the country’s hub of high-tech innovation. In fact, its tech industry is a veritable gold mine for companies looking to make the transition from big to small.

For a start, the City Colleges of Chicago is home to seven community colleges. This is a big deal, considering it’s the largest network of community colleges in Illinois. The department of business, technology and innovation is the brains behind a plethora of research initiatives. Among other things, it’s responsible for fostering collaboration between business and higher education communities, ensuring the best possible degree of collaboration between the two. To round out the department’s offerings, it has a robust library, including the country’s most comprehensive collection of technical documents.