Healthy Alternatives to Vegetable Chips

Eating whole grain bread rather than white is a healthy option for bread. While processed foods don’t occur naturally, they are altered from whole grains to sugars and starches. Then they are packaged and sold. While it may seem impossible to have a balanced diet with all these different foods, there are several ways to eat healthier without sacrificing taste. Increasing calcium in your diet may help lower your risk of osteoporosis.

Veggie chips are not vegetables

You’ve probably heard of’veggie chips’ and wondered if they are indeed a healthy snack. While they are made from real vegetables, they’re not necessarily healthy snacks. While many vegetables can be fried and turned into chips, you should consider the fat and sodium content when you choose them as a snack. Here are some healthy alternatives to vegetable chips. You can even enjoy them at the office!

Rooibos tea inhibits adipogenesis

Studies have shown that the polyphenols found in rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) inhibit adipogenesis, a process by which fat-laden cells develop. Interestingly, researchers found that rooibos inhibits the growth of abdominal fat by decreasing the activity of adipocytes. This may provide a possible strategy for obesity prevention.

Oatmeal keeps cholesterol in check

Oatmeal keeps cholesterol in check by providing a significant amount of soluble fiber. A 40-gram serving contains two grams of soluble fiber, most of which is beta-glucan. Studies show that about 1.5 servings a day are sufficient for cholesterol reduction. However, you will likely only receive full benefits if you consume two to three servings a day. To reap the full benefits of oatmeal, eat it in the morning.

Greek yogurt has twice as much vitamin C as spinach

A cup of Greek yogurt has about twice as much vitamin C as a cup of spinach. It’s also much lower in calories and has less saturated fat than spinach. Greek yogurt also has twice as much vitamin C per serving, and it contains less sugar than spinach. The two are about the same in other nutritional categories, but spinach is healthier for you. Greek yogurt contains only 6.8% fat and 18.5% protein. It has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Tomatoes are a healthy vegetable

The red colour of tomatoes is due to a component called lycopene. They are also rich in vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. These antioxidants have been found to fight off cardiovascular disease and promote bone health. The downside to tomatoes is that they can cause heartburn and nausea if eaten in large quantities. However, this shouldn’t put you off eating tomatoes! Here are some other ways you can eat your tomatoes!

Onions are a healthy vegetable

Onions are a common vegetable that is often consumed alone or used to season other dishes. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. However, some people should avoid them because they can trigger digestive problems, such as bloating and colic. Onions contain volatile sulfur compounds, which are considered antibiotics. This means that they can be used to cure a variety of health conditions, from colds to gallstones.