Innovative Law Students at USF Issues News

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During the past several decades, law has seen a resurgence of visionary individuals who have created innovative approaches to legal practice. Innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s about the process and idea that produces results that benefit clients and the community. Here are five of the most innovative alumni from the University of South Florida School of Law.

Osbelkis Perez, JD ’09, chose the USC Children’s Law program because it offered a unique opportunity to advocate for the well-being of children. The program, directed by Prof. Jim Nafziger, emphasizes comparative law and international law.

Demetrius Pyburn, JD ’15, was drawn to the program because of its emphasis on a holistic approach to problem solving. He hoped to work in labor law after graduation. After graduating, he worked as an intern at Gardner Law in Raleigh.

The USF School of Law has transformed since its founding. Professors are applying their scholarship to advance legal reform and drive reform in their communities. This includes a new Cybersecurity Legal Task Force, which will be headed by Karen Painter Randall, a nationally-recognized authority on cybersecurity.

Professors are also working to improve the outcomes of juveniles who face potential incarceration. Professors are also working to improve the outcomes for domestic violence victims.

Professors are also teaching about the implications of tax law. The USF School of Law offers a graduate tax program. In addition, the law school encourages students to take advantage of all resources that are available to them. The law school also supports local teachers through its Adopt a Teacher program.

This year, the school has welcomed a class that is one of the most academically talented classes in the history of the school. The class meets or exceeds all of the metrics that have been used to evaluate the academic performance of law students. The class also has the most Breakthrough Stars in the school’s history.

Third-year student Andrew Rawl has a passion for law. After graduation, he plans to use his degree to help others. He also served as a detective for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.

During the school’s recent commencement exercises, the law school honored the most academically-talented students of the 2020-2021 academic year. The school also recognized outstanding achievements.

Professors have begun facilitating a series on gender non-conforming people. The law school is also working to improve outcomes for juveniles who may be facing possible incarceration. The law school will also host a celebration in honor of its new building.

The school also has an initiative to match attorneys with South Carolinians who are seeking pro bono services. It is also working to develop a new mobile law office, called Palmetto LEADER, that will crisscross the state to assist those in need.

Incoming law students will also be paired with peer mentors who will help them navigate the legal process. The school also will launch a new Children’s Law Training Center, which offers immersive learning simulations.