New Laws in New York

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The legal field is one of rapid change. The ideas that work one quarter may not be as effective the next. As law firms look for new ways to meet their clients’ needs, many are exploring the idea of “new law.” New law is a concept that is hard to define. It can mean working with underserved communities or finding new ways to provide legal services. It could also refer to a new type of practice, such as those that are not on the partner track or have non-traditional fee structures.

This is a list of laws (ordinances, rules and regulations) that have recently been enacted by the Government of New York City. It includes laws passed by both the Senate and the Assembly, and changes to existing laws (known as bills) proposed by members of both chambers. These laws are consolidated and published in the New York City Consolidated Laws, and they also appear in the Statutes at Large. This list also includes private laws and federal statutes incorporated into the City’s law.

New Laws

New legislation in the form of bills has been enacted and made effective by the Government of New York City since September 25, 2022. This includes City and State laws, federal statutes, private laws, and changes to existing laws. Laws that have been enacted or amended by the City since the last update of this list can be found in the New York City Consolidated Laws and the Statutes at Large. Laws that have been repealed or expired since the last update of this list can be viewed in the New York City Register of Regulations.