The Best Daily News Sources

daily news

Whether you’re looking for sober facts or in-depth journalism, thoughtful editorials or impassioned commentary, daily news is a great place to start. With an ever-growing barrage of breaking news, finding a source that suits your needs is essential.

This is especially true when you’re looking for a source that has a reputation for being factual and non-biased. There are a few sites that have become renowned for their impartiality, and these are the best sources to turn to when you’re looking for trustworthy coverage.

1. AP

As you’ve probably guessed, the Associated Press is an essential resource when it comes to keeping up with breaking news in a timely manner. It reports many stories first, which are then picked up by other outlets. The AP is a non-profit organization that’s completely independent from any corporate sponsorship, government funding, or media control.

2. USA Today

USA Today is a major source of daily news for millions of Americans. Its op-eds are clear labeled and present a range of viewpoints (a rarity in other publications).

3. Business Insider

In a world where news articles can often move between objective and subjective analysis, the in-house coverage from this top business website is a breath of fresh air. It offers an unfiltered look into the latest news involving politics, technology, health, and more.

4. The Daily Beast

This colorful, aesthetically pleasing news site has a monthly readership of over 20 million people. The website features political, pop culture, and world news in a fun and entertaining way.


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting is a watchdog group that publishes remarkably stinging critiques of news bias, and it’s worth checking out if you want to see how much bias you’re getting from your sources. It’s a great place to find articles that critique CNN, the Associated Press, and Roger Ailes (the founder of Fox News), among others.


With a long history of delivering unbiased, well-researched news coverage, CNBC is one of the best places to turn when you’re looking for a source of quality, factual reporting. It also provides extensive coverage of financial markets, making it a go-to for many business professionals and the general public.

7. Reuters

This international media company is an indispensable source of real-time reporting and analysis, with journalists based in over 120 countries. They cover all of the major events that affect global economics and politics, and they’re a must-read for anyone with an interest in the world.

8. WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is a major news outlet with a wide reach, covering the financial, economic, and business sectors. Despite its conservative leanings, it still provides an excellent resource for those who are concerned about the impact of business on society.

9. The Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner is a conservative news site that has gained a reputation for its quality, well-researched reporting. It’s also a great place to find a variety of news stories and opinion pieces that will appeal to those who are concerned about the effects of economic and political change on their communities.