What Is Law New?

Law New

This week Governor Hochul signed legislation that protects New York consumers from medicine price gouging during a shortage, and prohibits medical debt from being reported to credit agencies. It also curbs predatory subscription services and requires businesses to post the full price that a consumer might pay, including when using a credit card.

civil rights: The laws that describe how people must be treated fairly by the government and private citizens. They include equal protection under the law, freedom from discrimination and other rights that protect individuals.

court report: A person who writes down word for word what happens during a court case. The court reporter may use stenographic equipment, shorthand or a tape recording device. Court reporters can make photocopies of their work.

docket number: A way to find a specific case. The first two numbers show the year, the third character* shows the county and the last six numbers show the specific case. See index number.

citation: A summons or court order telling someone to come to court. This is different from a subpoena which is a request for information.

Congress: The lawmaking branch of the federal government. Learn how a bill becomes a law by going through the process of research, discussion and changes in the House of Representatives and Senate before it can be voted on.

child custody: The legal and physical control of children. A court can grant custody to one parent or both parents.