Habitat For Humanity of Tulare County

habitat for humanity of tulare county

Habitat for Humanity of Tulare County has been around since 1994. The nonprofit organization builds affordable houses for low-income families, then helps them pay off the houses with sweat equity. Habitat also provides rehab assistance and low-cost home repairs. This organization is an excellent resource for anyone who needs a new home, but cannot afford to buy one outright. For more information, visit their website. The following is a list of services and programs offered by Habitat for Humanity of Tulare County.

17th Annual Birdhouse Auction

The 17th Annual Birdhouse Auction is an opportunity for you to bid on one of the many handcrafted birdhouses. These unique creations have been designed by local artists who are willing to share their talents to benefit Habitat for Humanity’s programs. You can register online or at the auction site. This is a fundraising event that will benefit the affordable housing projects throughout Tulare and Kings counties.

Homeownership Program

The Habitat for Humanity of Tulare County Homeownership Program is a nonprofit organization focused on building decent, affordable homes in underserved communities. It works with communities in the United States and in 70 countries around the world to provide decent housing for people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. The nonprofit accepts applications from people who have both the need and the means to buy a home.

Home Repair Program

The Habitat for Humanity of Tuare County home repair program partners with low-income homeowners in need of repairs to their home. Volunteers from the community help Habitat complete requested repairs, and the homeowners repay the repair costs through no-interest installments. The application process takes about three weeks and can be completed online. If you are a homeowner and need repair assistance, apply today! The home repair program has helped more than 1,000 people improve their homes!

A Brush With Kindness

A Brush With Kindness is a nonprofit organization that assists low-income homeowners with repairs and home maintenance. Volunteers, homeowners, and Habitat staff collaborate to make repairs and improve the homes of these individuals. This local nonprofit is particularly focused on helping older people as a part of the organization’s Aging in Place initiative. More than 70 percent of its participants are 50 or older.

Finance & Accountability score

The nonprofit’s annual report is based on its financial health and commitment to governance. However, it is not an accurate reflection of the organization’s current operations. Charity Navigator, a New Jersey-based charity watchdog organization, rates nonprofits on transparency and accountability. The organization’s accountability and transparency measures include publishing and explaining critical data. Habitat for Humanity of Tuare County earned the highest possible score of four stars for its financial and governance practices.