What is Entertaiment?


What does Entertaiment mean? This article will provide you with the correct definition from the Dictionary. You will also learn what it means in context, its synonyms, and more. To learn more about entertaiment, read on! Listed below are some related terms:

Dictionary definition of entertaiment

Entertaiment is an activity intended to provide pleasure for an audience. This can take the form of passive activities, such as opera, or active ones, such as games. The dictionary definition of entertaiment is “anything that aims to please and amuse a person.”

Entertainment can vary in scale, from an intimate dinner for two to an elaborate concert intended for thousands of people. It can also include any type of party or event, and can be anything from a concert to a Broadway show. Even a friend fight over a bag of potato chips can be entertainment. The word comes from the Old French word entretenir, which meant to hold together. Later, it became a synonym for amusing. Although entertainment is generally associated with amusement, many types of entertainment serve a serious purpose as well.


There are 942 synonyms of entertainment. Entertainment is defined as a form of pleasure or fun that is usually conducted with others. In the context of news items, entertainment is often associated with a specific form of sport or game. However, the word entertainment may have a deeper meaning. For example, amusement is a form of enjoyment that is boisterous and lively. Amusement is different from fun, which is more of an experience.

To understand the meaning of the word, it is helpful to look up the definition of entertainment. Some synonyms include: celebration, party, picnic, enjoyment, sport, and divertissement. A dictionary will offer 50 related words and idiomatic expressions. You can also find synonyms of entertainment in dictionaries like the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The following table lists some of the most common synonyms of entertainment. The definition of entertainment in a dictionary is also available online.


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Other English dictionaries

If you are looking for a free online dictionary, you can look no further. This dictionary contains over 85 different synonyms and idiomatic expressions for the word entertainment. This word is closely related to fun, recreation, divertissement, movie, pastime, production, and frolic. Using this dictionary can help you improve your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. You may also find this dictionary useful when you want to communicate with people in a foreign language.

If you’re looking for a good dictionary for your phone, check out the American Heritage Dictionary for iPad. This is one of the best reference dictionaries for learning English and building vocabulary. The dictionary has word games and offline access to definitions. It’s perfect for total word nerds and English learners. The app also offers new words every day, which makes it a fun way to learn and use English.